The Builder
The Larkin Real Estate Group is a third-generation Real Estate developer and custom home builder. Brothers Patrick and Michael Larkin are continuing their family’s tradition of excellence, adding their 27 years in the Real Estate business and over 20 years in the building industry to the family legacy.

Their Philosophy
Larkin Real Estate Group makes a point of utilizing the latest home building innovations and trends to provide to discriminating buyers. Their passion for building high-quality, exceptional homes, coupled with extensive experience in Real Estate sales, appraisals and development are valuable assets to the projects which they have transformed into the successful, thriving communities they are now.

What we do
They specialize in condominium, townhouse, multifamily and single family custom homes as well as major renovation projects.  They are renowned for multiple real estate development projects throughout Massachusetts, with their most recent real estate developments in the area including:

  • Glover Place, Medfield
  • Harding Street, Medfield